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    About Us

    The SystemPlus network is a big, high-performance network with strong regional partners. The network was founded in 1986 as System-Gut and became SytemPlus in 1998 because of internationalization. With more than 400 depots in 23 countries, there is always a SystemPlus partner nearby.

    Your local SystemPlus partner has the knowledge and experience to transport your shipments to different European countries and takes your wishes in account. The network characterises itself by its high standard of flexibility, speed and customer service. The SystemPlus network consists of 16 strong regional partners.

    Mainfeight is the exclusive SystemPlus partner of The Netherlands and Belgium. The trucks of SystemPlus depart daily from the branches in 's-Heerenberg (The Netherlands) and Genk (Belgium) to deliver and pick up your import and export shipments. 

    Trucks from all SystemPlus partners arrive daily in the central HUB in Niederaula (Central-Germany). In this HUB, all shipments are unloaded and loaded in the right truck of the receiving partner. The daily departures from The Netherlands makes sure that we can ensure fast en reliable transit times to all European countries.

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